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Areas of Practice

Real Estate, Construction, Investment

The Practice has a substantial experience in legal support of a wide range of issues arising in the field of investment and construction. We are successfully combining both the capabilities of a legal department within a construction company, and an integrated approach of an outside counsel.

The attorneys of the Practice provide comprehensive legal services in the area of real estate transactions, including:

legal feasibility assessment of the activities on the operation of a corresponding facility planned by the Client, including urban planning analysis and evaluation of urban and other types of constraints that affect the implementation of projects,

identification and development of complex measures to mitigate various types of risks,

counseling aimed at minimizing the Client’s risks when acquiring high-value assets of various types (due diligence), as well as structuring transactions with large complex assets,

advising on the stage of occurrence and development of a conflict situation that threatens the loss of an asset, participation in a possible pre-trial settlement of the dispute,

representation during the resolution of all categories of litigation, regardless of their stages.

A comprehensive pre-inspection of a real estate unit by the attorneys of the practice helps to protect the purchaser from all the possible risks, whether they are related to further reclamation of property or purchase with encumbrances. Thus, due diligence allows to avoid “pitfalls” and secure investments, and the development of a complex structure of counterparties’ warranty obligations in many cases helps the Clients to retain their rights to the acquired assets (such as in situations when a third party has legal claims to the assets, or when the transaction within the counterparty’s bankruptcy case is being challenged).

Qualification of our attorneys of the practice allows to develop the safest and most effective legal models for delivery of various investment projects and legal mechanisms of investment protection, both at the stage of their placement and in cases when the Clients seek legal advice upon the imminent threat of loss of the investment results/facilities invested in.