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The Team

Alexey Dobrynin

Advocate. Managing Partner, Saint Petersburg Office. Head of the Criminal Law Practice  |  vCard

Alexey is the founder of the Сriminal Law Practice. He specializes in economic cases. He represents the interests of corporations, their employees, executives, and beneficiaries during pre-investigation reviews, pre-trail investigations, and court proceedings.

He conducts criminal due diligence of companies’ financial and commercial activities and legal investigations within the framework of providing legal support to Clients. He provides support during tax inspections of business with the goal of developing a base of evidence and demonstrating the absence of evidence of tax-related crimes among executives and beneficiaries of Client companies.

He is a member of the expert consultative council at the Federation Council Committee for Constitutional Legislation and State Construction.

Alexey plays an active role in processes involving the reform of criminal and criminal-procedural legislation.

Alexey Dobrynin


Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University (Criminal Law Department)

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers


  • Dismissal of a three-year criminal case against the beneficiary and the Managing Director of Russia’s largest energy holding company, accused under Art. 159.1, par. 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, on rare grounds, namely due to absence of the event of a crime.
  • Many years of comprehensive legal support provided to the largest timber industry holding company in Europe. Specifically, representing the company in situations stemming from initiation or investigation of criminal cases concerning work-related fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. Particularly, a case initiated by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation concerning the death of one of the company’s employees was dismissed thanks to carefully crafted litigation strategy.  A legal investigation was conducted to prove that none of the Client’s twelve employees were involved in the accident they had originally been charged with. The ad hoc industrial safety expert evaluation performed at the request of our lawyers found, that it was natural wear and tear of the equipment that caused the accident and that there was no causal connection between the actions of the company’s employees and the socially dangerous consequences at hand.
  • Criminal defense of top management of a city-forming pulp-and-paper enterprise. Following a legal investigation a court of appeal changed the preventive measure for the chairman of the board of directors suspected of a number of economic crimes. Despite the refusal of the accused to plead guilty or to provide testimony, including that against other persons, the court relied on the position of the defense and, contrary to the opinion of the prosecutor and the investigator, changed the preventive measure from remand in custody to release on bail. Statistics for the respective period show that Russian courts would only change the preventive measure from arrest to release on bail in 0.2% of cases. Lawyers of the firm procured dismissal of the criminal case altogether.
  • As a result of defense of a beneficiary of Russia’s largest online retailer, who had been on house arrest on charges of serious fraud, the court changed the preventive measure from house arrest to a measure not involving isolation from society or travel restrictions, namely monetary bail, given the refusal to plead guilty. In addition, the prosecutor returned the criminal case to the investigator and dismissed both the indictment and the referral of the case to court.

Specialist areas

  • conducting criminal investigations of business projects (criminal due diligence);
  • providing consultancy services and protecting clients’ interests on the initiation of criminal proceedings, preliminary investigation and judicial proceedings;
  • providing consultancy services and protecting clients’ interests on the initiation of criminal proceedings, preliminary investigations and judicial proceedings;
  • protecting clients’ rights during scheduled and unannounced inspections by tax authorities, the Prosecutor’s Office and other authorities;
  • recovering debt from unscrupulous parties through the use of criminal law methods;
  • carrying out legal investigations.